Home of arguably the most friendly and engaging people on earth, you can’t help but slow down, relax, and develop a fixation with the weather in Ireland! While not loaded with huge cities or museums on par with The Louvre and The British Museum, Ireland has plenty of cultural highlights to enjoy. These include a unique and fascinating history, which is beautifully reflected in Ireland’s art, literature, and especially its music. The Irish gifts for telling spellbinding stories and creating stirring music cannot be understated. In addition, Ireland is blessed with abundant neolithic monuments, fantastic castles, churches, and medieval buildings. Also, you cannot talk about Ireland without its deservedly famous pubs, where a night out is an experience you’ll never forget.

Perhaps Ireland’s greatest draw outside of its wonderful people is its stunning natural beauty. From the majestic Cliffs of Moher in Co. Clare to the Giants Causeway in Co.Antrim to the great Neolithic sites in Co. Sligo, you will never be left wanting for gorgeous vistas and photo ops! As terrific as those places are, in no way is Ireland’s great scenery limited to those sites. You’re just as likely to be enchanted by lovely villages like Dingle, Cashel or Roundstone. If it’s nightlife you’re after, vibrant cities like Dublin, Belfast, Cork, and Galway, will more than provide you with excellent entertainment and cultural variety. In short, the adventurous traveler really can’t go wrong with a trip to the Emerald Isle.