Two Hats Travel offers headache free superior customized travel planning that saves precious time and resources.


  • Superior customer service and as needed availability.
  • Exceptional value for product provided, i.e, elimination of time constraints for professionals and their families.
  • Covid-19 Safety Protocols.
  • Providing guidance via personal experience instead of regurgitation of travel book jargon.
  • Create a custom experience based on each client’s specific style of travel, interests and health.
  • Providing a cost efficient solution for clients who may not know they can afford a European vacation.
  • Two Hats will provide user friendly travel e-based itinerary, hard copy travel log and/or any travel resource required to enhance your travel experience.
  • Discounts for repeat customers.

What We Do at Two Hats Travel Consultants

When it comes to planning a big trip to Europe, (especially the first time), many of us don’t even know where to start, let alone have a basic understanding of how to manage all the details. As a result, we often turn to travel agents for help and advice. Traditionally this indeed was the way, as in the past there was no internet to speak of and travel books were just an additional resource to travel planning. While there is still room for travel agencies in the industry, the demand for at least a partially customized experience is growing. Some clients have the wherewithal and research skills to plan their vacations (Carl is an excellent example of this), but more often than not, they wind up making mistakes that not only cost money but precious time.

I most certainly made quite a few “rookie” mistakes in planning my first solo trip to Europe. I did not have a good grip on the British rail system for starters and tried to do too much in too short a period of time, leading to more time on trains, less time doing what I wanted, and spending more money. I also didn’t know that I needed to notify my bank that I would be traveling overseas. As a result, my account was frozen! Had Two Hats Travel even been a thing back then, my trip, while quite enjoyable, would have gone a whole more smoothly.

So what exactly does Two Hats Travel Consultants do? We offer some services generally associated with travel agents, such as bookings (flights, rail, car rental, accommodations) and providing base packages, but in addition, we provide varying degrees of customization. This manifests in our optional concierge service, enabling us to give the client almost real-time availability to help not only troubleshoot on the fly but also allows us to provide a great deal of flexibility if the client decides to switch gears and change a portion of their trip on short notice.

An example would be: The client is on day 4 of a two-week trip in Italy and is finishing up the first leg of their trip in Rome. Instead of heading north and working their way towards Venice, they decide to turn on a dime and instead head south, eventually ending up in Sicily (highly recommended!) for the last five days because they want to attend a very specific festival.

Travel Itinerary

Normally, this would not be easy to rearrange on the fly, but with Two Hats Travel as their concierge, the associated cancellations, re-bookings, and even booking the quick flight back to Rome (so they can head home on their original schedule) are doable. Is it a bit of a scramble? Yes, but this is what we do and even though these services are usually part of luxury travel, we provide it on a smaller scale, so the additional cost is less. We view our Concierge Service as a form of “insurance” that allows the client both customization and flexibility.

All of this points to both an adaptable and personalized experience. Nothing makes Carl and myself happier than hearing that one of our clients had a one-of-a-kind experience in our favorite destinations. Being that Omicron is trending towards becoming a managed situation sooner rather than later, travel to Europe is becoming less of “when Covid is over” and more “Wow, now we can do this!” The time is almost here, so when you’re ready, Carl and I will be waiting to help make your travel dreams come true.